These tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE! Once they are purchased, they are yours. If you are unable to attend, you may give or sell them to someone else. We will not take them back. You should receive your tickets in the mail within 10 days of your purchased departure date.


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ONLY $55.00 ($72 retail value)! Shipped with your tickets, this package includes a welcome letter, one (1) coloring book, one (1) custom Hampshire Pewter ornament, one (1) 2017 Journey to the North Pole Pin, one (1) fleece stocking and one (1) adorable reindeer!


How do I get it?

Choose the "Santa's Souvenirs" Package Shipping option at checkout to purchase.


* This package can be purchased without buying tickets and additional items in the package can be purchased separately in our Gift Shop.

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